Episode 51 – More On Hiring

Welcome back to another Testing In the Pub – Episode 51 – More On Hiring. In this episode we finally continue our chat about hiring. Sorry it’s been so long coming.

In it we talk about a lot of things hiring related, including portfolios. The blog post Steve mentions is this one.

5 thoughts on “Episode 51 – More On Hiring”

  1. Thanks for the two interesting episodes around hiring. Yes, Stephen, you did blog on the idea of a “tester portfolio” back in 2015 and, inspired by your post, I blogged on the same topic https://therockertester.wordpress.com/2015/02/24/my-tester-portfolio/

    Since then, I’ve made sure that every talk, every publication, and every piece of voluntary work is represented on my LinkedIn profile as a way of publicly exposing my “portfolio”.

    I’m also interested in ideas for sharing more practical testing experience as part of a portfolio, so hopefully others will share ideas here.

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