Testing In The Pub Episode 41 – At UKStar

Welcome back to another Testing In The Pub – At UKStar.

Me and Dan were lucky enough to be selected to speak at the first UKStar conference in London. Dan talked about setting up the software clinic and I talked about the view of testing from outside of the testing industry.

But more importantly we were in the same place for once, and able to record a Testing In The Pub! And here it is – a simple chat about testing and being technical.

Hope you enjoy it.

3 thoughts on “Testing In The Pub Episode 41 – At UKStar”

  1. Great to meet you both at UKStar, and thanks for recording this talk.
    I totally agree that testers are being seen more as coders and less as testers, and I have done a few talks on this. My view is that testers need to have 3 keys skill areas – technical, soft skills and analytical. Yes, we may want testers to write automation code to cover tests they have written, but this isn’t what makes someone a tester.
    We should focus on where testers add value into a team – what does a tester do that someone else doesn’t? See beyond the confines of a sprint and look broader to spot potential integration issues. Encourage the team to own quality as you cannot test quality in to a release. Do the exploratory testing and think of scenarios that others miss. And do some automation if there is time.
    It is up to all of us to promote the role of a tester in our organisations.

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