Testing In The Pub Episode 43 – What Makes A Good Manager?

Welcome back to another Testing In The Pub and it’s time for Testing In The Pub Episode 43 – What Makes A Good Manager?

In this episode Steve and Dan talk about management, what makes a good manager and give some examples from their experiences of management of teams.

4 thoughts on “Testing In The Pub Episode 43 – What Makes A Good Manager?”

  1. First time listener to your pubcast and an interesting topic. Thanks guys. Also interested in the flat organisational structure you mentioned and my experience of this, it doesn’t work so well for test teams. In my opinion there is never ‘one size fits all’ for testers. You lose sight of individual’s specialisms, say goodbye to any kind of career progression, training requirements become much harder to define and the subsequent result is you lose really good testers from the organisation. Boo.

    Whilst you never wish to be in the situation of too many head chefs and not enough cooks, having a defined organisational structure provides just that, structure! With structure comes balance and guidelines/boundaries to encourage individuals to grow within an organisation.

  2. I am a first time listener and hit this episode first because of the recommendation from iTunes. Quite an interesting topic and with respect to flat organization structures I had recently read this article in HBR which has the example of Flat organization structure that works very well https://hbr.org/2011/12/first-lets-fire-all-the-managers. I know not very testing related and just reading NickyS’ comment, I would be interested in hearing more about how this would apply to test/agile teams.

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