Episode 47 – AI and Ethics and Quality

Welcome back to Testing In the Pub Episode 47  – AI and Ethics and Quality

In this new episode we talk about AI and how it’s being used particularly in virtual assistants, how ethics are important, and how all of those presents opportunities for those of us involved in software quality.

Thanks to Hindsight Software, the BDD specialists for their continued support of Testing In the Pub.

Episode 46 – APIs At ATD

Welcome back to Testing In The Pub, Episode 46 – APIs At ATD.

In this episode Steve sits down with Mark Winteringham and Eddy Bruin at Agile Testing Days 2017 to talk about API testing. We also mention a whole bunch of tools and resources including;

If you want to try out API testing and need an API to test then Resftful Booker, written by Mark, is a great one to start with.

Episode 45 – Psychology In Testing – Ignorance

Welcome back to another Testing In The Pub where we continue the series on Psychology In Testing and talk about Ignorance.

We talk about:

  • What is ignorance and what’s it’s relationship to information?
  • What is the value of understanding ignorance?
  • Being unaware of ignorance
  • Why we can never know everything
  • The 5 orders of ignorance
  • How ignorance grows faster than knowledge
  • How when we answer one question and gain knowledge, that knowledge causes us to learn about more ignorance
  • How do we actually discover more?
    • Processes/activities
    • Investigation
    • Testing

Testing In The Pub Episode 44 – Psychology In Testing – Information

Welcome back to another Testing In The Pub, the first of a series on Psychology In Testing, where we talk about Information. What role does information play in a software delivery team and how should you approach discovering and sharing information?

Testing In The Pub Episode 43 – What Makes A Good Manager?

Welcome back to another Testing In The Pub and it’s time for Testing In The Pub Episode 43 – What Makes A Good Manager?

In this episode Steve and Dan talk about management, what makes a good manager and give some examples from their experiences of management of teams.

Testing In The Pub Episode 42 – Breaking Into Agile Testing

Welcome back to another episode of Testing In The Pub – Breaking Into Agile Testing.

In this episode we talk about how to get started when testing in an agile team, we discuss the challenges that testers face, and give some hints and tips on how to succeed.

When working in, and running, agile teams we’ve both found the following books and articles helpful. Hopefully you will too:

Thanks to Hindsight Software for sponsoring this episode.

Testing In The Pub Episode 41 – At UKStar

Welcome back to another Testing In The Pub – At UKStar.

Me and Dan were lucky enough to be selected to speak at the first UKStar conference in London. Dan talked about setting up the software clinic and I talked about the view of testing from outside of the testing industry.

But more importantly we were in the same place for once, and able to record a Testing In The Pub! And here it is – a simple chat about testing and being technical.

Hope you enjoy it.

Testing In The Pub Episode 40 – At The Software Testing Clinic

Welcome back to another Testing In The Pub, recorded this time at the Software Testing Clinic in London.

In this episode Dan sits down with Paul Holland, Ben Kelly, Vernon Richards, Mark Winteringham, Alex Wolff, Evan Holland and probably a couple of other people as well 🙂

Over a few beers they talk about Rapid Software Testing, context driven testing, their experiences of testing in different circumstances and cultures, and how to test products for different markets. There’s some great tips on how testing can really bring customer value as well.

You can follow Paul, Ben, Vernon and Mark on Twitter so if you want to continue the conversation with them then that’s the best place to go.

As always, if you’ve got feedback on this episode or any of the other ones then it’d be great to hear from you. Just leave a comment against this post or find us on twitter @testinginthepub

Testing In The Pub Episode 39 – Live From TestBash Philadelphia

Welcome to Testing In The Pub Episode 39 – Live From TestBash Philadelphia.

We were lucky enough to be invited over to TestBash in Philadelphia to record a live episode in front of the conference crowd. And even better, we were given an actual pub to record in!


In this episode we talk about the future of testing and community. Listen to us and special guests talk about where we think testing is heading and why.

We also talk about why we started Testing In The Pub and why starting a podcast or any other sort of community activity is extremely personally rewarding, as well as being an important part of what keeps the testing community as vibrant and useful as it is.

Have a listen and hopefully we’ll you want to do the same.


Testing In the Pub Episode 38 – Making Better Testers With Keith Klain – Part 2

Welcome back to episode 38 of Testing In the Pub – Making Better Testers with Keith Klain.

In part two of a two part episode we talk to Keith about how we can help testers and the testing community to improve and keep learning. Keith spends a lot of his time promoting and educating people about better testing practices such as Context Driven Testing and the transition to better testing, particularly in the enterprise. Have a listen as we discuss this and our experiences of older and more traditional ways of working.

Be sure to listen to part 1 as well 🙂

You’ll also be pleased to hear the Keith is on Twitter @keithklain and he has a blog: www.qualityremarks.com. Keith works at Tekmark

You can also catchup with Keith at:

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