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Testing In The Pub Episode 42 – Breaking Into Agile Testing

Welcome back to another episode of Testing In The Pub – Breaking Into Agile Testing.

In this episode we talk about how to get started when testing in an agile team, we discuss the challenges that testers face, and give some hints and tips on how to succeed.

When working in, and running, agile teams we’ve both found the following books and articles helpful. Hopefully you will too:

Thanks to Hindsight Software for sponsoring this episode.

Testing In The Pub Episode 31 – Whole Team Testing and The 3 Amigos

Welcome to Testing In The Pub Episode 31 – Whole Team Testing and The 3 Amigos.

We’re at Agile 2016  talking to Matt Heusser and Emma Armstrong about all things testing and why the whole team should be involved.

If you want to hear more from Emma and Matt then they are both on Twitter (@EmmaATester and @mheusser) as well as being regular conference speakers and attendees.

Matt also does a great podcast called The Testing Show which you can also find on iTunes.

Hope you enjoy the new episode.