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Testing In The Pub Episode 39 – Live From TestBash Philadelphia

Welcome to Testing In The Pub Episode 39 – Live From TestBash Philadelphia.

We were lucky enough to be invited over to TestBash in Philadelphia to record a live episode in front of the conference crowd. And even better, we were given an actual pub to record in!


In this episode we talk about the future of testing and community. Listen to us and special guests talk about where we think testing is heading and why.

We also talk about why we started Testing In The Pub and why starting a podcast or any other sort of community activity is extremely personally rewarding, as well as being an important part of what keeps the testing community as vibrant and useful as it is.

Have a listen and hopefully we’ll you want to do the same.


Testing In The Pub Episode 33 – Community Confusion

Welcome to Testing In The Pub Episode 33 – Community Confusion.

In this episode we talk about how communities, whether it be the testing community or many of the sub communities within it, can sometimes become confused and un-happy places if the community members let them. Social media has done a lot of positive things for the testing community, but the rise of social media, in particular Twitter, can make communication more difficult and this can increase misunderstandings. We also talk about what we can do to communicate effectively on-line and off-line, and how the testing community should, and does, make a lot of what’s available.

The clever amongst you may have noticed that this episode was not recorded live in a pub – we’re trying out Skype for recording some episodes which we hope we enable us to give you a much better range of interviews and discussions than we’ve been able to capture so far, mainly while at conferences. So have a listen and let us know what you think.

Until next time, on Testing In The Pub….

Testing In The Pub Episode 10 – Interview With Tony Bruce

Episode 10 of Testing In The Pub is here. In fact it’s Testing In The Pub Garden, as we take advantage of summer to get outside and talk testing.

In this episode we interview Mr Tony Bruce, organiser of the London Tester Gatherings, London Tester Gathering Workshops, conference speaker, community leader and all round nice guy.

Among other things, we get Tony’s views on communities and the need for communities in the software development industry.

If you fancy finding out more about communities and coming along to some, including some that Tony helps to organise, then checkout the Agile Testing (London) meetup group and come along to the next London Tester Gathering.

The second year of the London Tester Gathering Workshops is also coming up on 16th-17th October. Lot’s of great workshop – sign up here.