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Testing In The Pub Episode 41 – At UKStar

Welcome back to another Testing In The Pub – At UKStar.

Me and Dan were lucky enough to be selected to speak at the first UKStar conference in London. Dan talked about setting up the software clinic and I talked about the view of testing from outside of the testing industry.

But more importantly we were in the same place for once, and able to record a Testing In The Pub! And here it is – a simple chat about testing and being technical.

Hope you enjoy it.

Testing In The Pub Episode 31 – Whole Team Testing and The 3 Amigos

Welcome to Testing In The Pub Episode 31 – Whole Team Testing and The 3 Amigos.

We’re at Agile 2016  talking to Matt Heusser and Emma Armstrong about all things testing and why the whole team should be involved.

If you want to hear more from Emma and Matt then they are both on Twitter (@EmmaATester and @mheusser) as well as being regular conference speakers and attendees.

Matt also does a great podcast called The Testing Show which you can also find on iTunes.

Hope you enjoy the new episode.

At TestBash 2016 – Part 1

Here at Testing In The Pub we love TestBash and we were lucky enough to make it to the excellent TestBash conference in Brighton this month. It’s always a great day out (or a week away if you go for the tutorials, pre conference meet-ups, post conference meet-ups and all the general social events). There’s always a good mix of talks and being single track then there’s no difficult decisions on who to see.

While we were there we recorded a couple of podcasts and here comes the first one. In this one we sat down in a break with Chris George, Paul Coletti and Zach Borrelli to talk about TestBash, testing and to reflect on the presentations that we had seen.

Look out for part 2, an interview with John Stevenson and Jokin Aspiazu coming soon.

Testing In the Pub Episode 20 – The 3 Epiphanies Of Security Testing

Welcome back to Testing In the Pub. We’re back. Sorry it’s taken so long 🙂

We’ve got a great interview to start our new season of podcasts. We talk to Declan O’Riordan about his 3 epiphanies of security testing over a pint of Guinness.

Perhaps you’ve seen Declan talking at a conference over the past year – his presentations on security testing have been really well received and at his debut EuroSTAR conference speaking opportunity in 2014 he won the prize for best conference paper and was voted the session delegates would most like repeated with ‘The What? Why? Who? And How? Of Application Security’.

Declan subsequently won the prize for best conference paper at the STAR East conference in 2015 with ‘Security Testing: What Testers Can Do’ as well.  He knows more than a bit about security testing 🙂

So sit back and have a listen. Cheers!