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Testing In The Pub Episode 34 – Test Leadership With Anna Royzman

Welcome to Testing In The Pub Episode 34 – Test Leadership With Anna Royzman.

In this episode we talk to Anna about Test Leadership and what it means to her. What makes a test leader and how can we demonstrate leadership?

We also discuss who is really demonstrating leadership in the community at the moment and where you can learn more about test leadership.

Anna is the organiser of the Test Masters Academy and the latest conference is coming up as part of Reinventing Testers Week, 25th-29th Sep in NYC. It looks to have a great lineup and a great selection of training as well so do check it out.

Anna is also the founder of A Quality Leadership Institute and you can follow her on Twitter @QA_nna and follow Test Masters Academy @TestMastersAcad.


Testing In The Pub Episode 32 – Intentional Learning

Welcome back to another Testing In The Pub, this time about Intentional Learning.

In this episode Dan talks to Claire Moss, and towards the end of the episode Emma Armstrong, about learning, learning styles and hints and tips on how to learn.

Worth mentioning that the audio on this episode is not great – after about 10 minutes there’s a strange clicking sound that we’ve been unable to remove in the edit. We did think about not publishing the episode but there’s so much useful information and interesting discussion that we’ve decide to post it ‘as is’.

Hope you enjoy it and can ignore the clicks.

Our thanks to Claire and Emma for taking part. You can follow them both on Twitter (@clairefication and @emmaatester).

Testing In The Pub Live From TestBash 2016 – Part 2

Welcome back to another Testing In The Pub, from TestBash 2016.

At TestBash

We’ve got a great episode for you today. We’re back with the second part of our series from TestBash 2016, where we sat down with John Stevenson and Jokin Aspiazu for a chat. You can hear us talk about the test community and how to keep it engaging, their experiences of TestBash, how they got into testing, and where testers can really add value in the development lifecycle.

Plus a brief history of tapas and why you can’t get into the disco 🙂

If you want to know more about John and Jokin and their approaches to testing then they both have blogs.

Hope you enjoy the new episode.

Testing In The Pub Episode 25 – LTG Workshops and The Software Testing Clinic

Welcome back to another Testing In The Pub.

In this episode Dan sits down with Tony Bruce and Mark Winteringham to talk about the forthcoming London Tester Gathering Workshops and the new Software Testing Clinic.

Hope you enjoy the new episode.

Testing In The Pub Episode 23 – Agile Testing Days 2015 With Christina Ohanian and Duncan Nisbet

Welcome back to Testing In The Pub.

In this episode Dan sat down at Agile Testing Days with Christina Ohanian and Duncan Nisbet and had a great chat about testing, conferences and a whole lot more.

You can follow Christina and Duncan on Twitter and Duncan also blogs on his website.

Don’t forget that as well as listening to Testing In The Pub through our website, you can also find us on iTunes and also YouTube.

We’d also like to take this opportunity to thank Hindsight Software for their continued support, and for helping to make the podcast possible.

Testing In the Pub Episode 22 – Mobbing and Pairing With Maaret Pyhäjärvi

Welcome back to Testing In the Pub.

Dan was at Agile Testing Days, and he managed to sit down with Maaret Pyhäjärvi and Alan Parkinson to talk about mobbing and pairing, and Maaret’s approach to her testing.

Thanks very much to Maaret for participating and Alan for taking my place 🙂


Testing In the Pub Episode 18 – At Let’s Test 2015

Welcome back everyone.

We have a new episode for you and it’s something a bit different. We’re out and about at the conferences this year as usual, and this time we’re taking Testing In the Pub on tour. So here’s the first episode from the conferences!

Dan was lucky enough to be at Let’s Test this year and in this episode he discusses all things testing with Patrick Prill, Dan Billing and Christina Ohanian.

Look out for us, microphone in hand, at more conferences this year. If you fancy being in an episode of Testing In the Pub then just grab myself or Dan if you see us.

Testing In the Pub Episode 14 – Looking Forward To 2015

And……..we’re back!

It’s been too long. But don’t worry, here for your delectation and delight is a brand new episode of Testing In the Pub. In this episode we look forward to 2015 and talk about the conferences, meetups and other events that we are interested in this year. As always, brought to you from the pub.

As a reminder – you can listen to Testing In the Pub in a variety of ways. Either stream it directly from the website, download it, subscribe to our RSS feed, on iTunes, or via YouTube.

Testing In The Pub Episode 10 – Interview With Tony Bruce

Episode 10 of Testing In The Pub is here. In fact it’s Testing In The Pub Garden, as we take advantage of summer to get outside and talk testing.

In this episode we interview Mr Tony Bruce, organiser of the London Tester Gatherings, London Tester Gathering Workshops, conference speaker, community leader and all round nice guy.

Among other things, we get Tony’s views on communities and the need for communities in the software development industry.

If you fancy finding out more about communities and coming along to some, including some that Tony helps to organise, then checkout the Agile Testing (London) meetup group and come along to the next London Tester Gathering.

The second year of the London Tester Gathering Workshops is also coming up on 16th-17th October. Lot’s of great workshop – sign up here.

Reviewing the Conferences

We attended a number of software testing conferences in 2013, including TestBash, Agile Testing Days, London Tester Gathering Workshops and EuroSTAR.

In this podcast we review them, and talk more about our favourites.