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Testing In the Pub Episode 21 – Mobile Testing, Live from Mobile App Europe

Welcome back to another Testing In the Pub.

We’ve got an interview for you this time. Steve sat down to talk about mobile testing with a whole bunch of people at the Mobile App Europe conference in Potsdam.

Thanks to Daniel Knott, Sergej Mudruk, Denys Zelenchuk, Andre Gorzel and Richard Bradshaw for taking part.

Hope you enjoy the conversation.

Testing In the Pub Episode 18 – At Let’s Test 2015

Welcome back everyone.

We have a new episode for you and it’s something a bit different. We’re out and about at the conferences this year as usual, and this time we’re taking Testing In the Pub on tour. So here’s the first episode from the conferences!

Dan was lucky enough to be at Let’s Test this year and in this episode he discusses all things testing with Patrick Prill, Dan Billing and Christina Ohanian.

Look out for us, microphone in hand, at more conferences this year. If you fancy being in an episode of Testing In the Pub then just grab myself or Dan if you see us.

Testing In the Pub Episode 16 – TDD and BDD With Alan Parkinson

Welcome to another episode of Testing In the Pub.

We’ve got a bumper interview for you this time. Dan interviews Alan Parkinson from Hindsight Software, and discusses all things BDD and TDD with him. Is BDD just a testing thing? Is TDD a viable way to help develop software? Have a listen and find out Alan and Dan’s views.

Don’t forget that you can listen to Testing In the Pub through this site, iTunes, in your favourite podcast application on all platforms via our RSS feed, or even on YouTube. You can also get access to all our back catalogue too.

Hope you enjoy the new episode.

Testing In the Pub Episode 13 – Weekend Testing Europe

Welcome to another episode of Testing In the Pub.

In this episode we are really lucky to be able to talk to Amy Phillips and Neil Studd about Weekend Testing Europe. Weekend Testing Europe  is the European chapter of Weekend Testing and was relaunched in 2014 by Amy and Neil. It gives you the opportunity to practice testing, and learn new skills, from others like-minded people (at the weekend :).

Want to find out more? Of course you do 🙂 Listen to the podcast and find out all about Weekend Testing.

As a reminder – you can listen to Testing In the Pub in a variety of ways. Either stream it directly from the website, download it, subscribe to our RSS feed, on iTunes, or via YouTube.


Testing In The Pub Episode 10 – Interview With Tony Bruce

Episode 10 of Testing In The Pub is here. In fact it’s Testing In The Pub Garden, as we take advantage of summer to get outside and talk testing.

In this episode we interview Mr Tony Bruce, organiser of the London Tester Gatherings, London Tester Gathering Workshops, conference speaker, community leader and all round nice guy.

Among other things, we get Tony’s views on communities and the need for communities in the software development industry.

If you fancy finding out more about communities and coming along to some, including some that Tony helps to organise, then checkout the Agile Testing (London) meetup group and come along to the next London Tester Gathering.

The second year of the London Tester Gathering Workshops is also coming up on 16th-17th October. Lot’s of great workshop – sign up here.

Testing In The Pub Episode 8 – Security Testing

Episode 8 of Testing In The Pub in here. Finally. 🙂

In this new episode we interview The Test Doctor, a.k.a. Dan Billing on all things related to security testing. Security testing is a really hot topic at the moment so why not have a listen to the interview.

This is a two part interview and we’ll be publishing the second part next week.

If you want to learn more about security testing after having listened to the podcast then I would recommend first checking out the OWASP website. You can also follow Dan on twitter.