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Episode 49 – Leadership vs Management

Welcome to this episode of Testing In the Pub, it’s Episode 49 – Leadership vs Management.

In this episode we sit down and discuss the differences between leaders and managers. Can everyone be a leader or a manager? What are the common misconceptions in managerial and leadership skillsets? How does coaching and mentoring fit in?

Hopefully this episode starts to answer these questions. There’s more to come so listen to future episodes where we’ll delve into all of this in more detail.

Testing In The Pub Episode 34 – Test Leadership With Anna Royzman

Welcome to Testing In The Pub Episode 34 – Test Leadership With Anna Royzman.

In this episode we talk to Anna about Test Leadership and what it means to her. What makes a test leader and how can we demonstrate leadership?

We also discuss who is really demonstrating leadership in the community at the moment and where you can learn more about test leadership.

Anna is the organiser of the Test Masters Academy and the latest conference is coming up as part of Reinventing Testers Week, 25th-29th Sep in NYC. It looks to have a great lineup and a great selection of training as well so do check it out.

Anna is also the founder of A Quality Leadership Institute and you can follow her on Twitter @QA_nna and follow Test Masters Academy @TestMastersAcad.