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Episode 51 – More On Hiring

Welcome back to another Testing In the Pub – Episode 51 – More On Hiring. In this episode we finally continue our chat about hiring. Sorry it’s been so long coming.

In it we talk about a lot of things hiring related, including portfolios. The blog post Steve mentions is this one.

Episode 50 – Hiring

Yes, it’s episode 50 – Hiring.

In this episode we talk about hiring, both from the perspective of someone wanting to be hired, and someone hiring. It’s the first part of a two part episode.

As you may notice we ‘may’ have forgotten that we’ve reached the landmark of 50 episodes. Oops ūüôā Thanks to everyone who’s listened so far, we’ve got lots more great episodes planned to stick around for what comes next.

Episode 49 – Leadership vs Management

Welcome to this episode of Testing In the Pub, it’s Episode 49 – Leadership vs Management.

In this episode we sit down and discuss the differences between leaders and managers. Can everyone be a leader or a manager? What are the common misconceptions in managerial and leadership skillsets? How does coaching and mentoring fit in?

Hopefully this episode starts to answer these questions. There’s more to come so listen to future episodes where we’ll delve into all of this in more detail.

Episode 47 – AI and Ethics and Quality

Welcome back to Testing In the Pub Episode 47  РAI and Ethics and Quality

In this new episode we talk about AI and how it’s being used particularly in virtual assistants, how ethics are important, and how all of those presents opportunities for those of us involved in software quality.

Thanks to Hindsight Software, the BDD specialists for their continued support of Testing In the Pub.

Testing In The Pub Episode 39 – Live From TestBash Philadelphia

Welcome to Testing In The Pub Episode 39 РLive From TestBash Philadelphia.

We were lucky enough to be invited over to TestBash in Philadelphia to record a live episode in front of the conference crowd. And even better, we were given an actual pub to record in!


In this episode we talk about the future of testing and community. Listen to us and special guests talk about where we think testing is heading and why.

We also talk about why we started Testing In The Pub and why starting a podcast or any other sort of community activity is extremely personally rewarding, as well as being an important part of what keeps the testing community as vibrant and useful as it is.

Have a listen and hopefully we’ll you want¬†to do the same.


Testing In The Pub Episode 29 – Testing IOT and More With Kim Knup and Rhian Lewis

Welcome back to another Testing In The Pub. In this episode we’re back in The Shooting Star to continue our discussion with Rhian Lewis and Kim Knup. This time the conversation moves towards testing IOT and how testers will need to adapt.

Dan, Rhian and Kim
Dan, Rhian and Kim

Both Kim (@punkmik) and Rhian (@rhian_is) are on Twitter and are well worth following.

Kim is a tester, conference speaker and organiser of the Brighton Tester meet-up. Rhian, as well as being a tester and being involved in the software testing community, is also a blockchain & cryptocurrency adventurer, co-developer of http://countmycrypto.com and co-founder of the London Bitcoin Women meet-up.

Hope you enjoy the episode.



Testing In the Pub Episode 21 – Mobile Testing, Live from Mobile App Europe

Welcome back to another Testing In the Pub.

We’ve got an interview for you this time. Steve sat down to talk about mobile testing with a whole bunch of people at the Mobile App Europe conference in Potsdam.

Thanks to Daniel Knott, Sergej Mudruk, Denys Zelenchuk, Andre Gorzel and Richard Bradshaw for taking part.

Hope you enjoy the conversation.

Testing In the Pub Episode 19 – WTF Are NFRs?

Hello again everyone.

We’re back and it’s summer. So welcome to an alfresco episode of Testing In the Pub, recorded on the banks of the River Thames in good old London town ūüôā


In this episode we talk about NFRs. What are they? Why are they important? And what can you do as a tester to ensure that NFRs are being considered in your project?

Hope you enjoy it.

Testing In the Pub Episode 18 – At Let’s Test 2015

Welcome back everyone.

We have a new episode for you and it’s something a bit different. We’re out and about at the conferences this year as usual, and this time we’re taking Testing In the Pub on tour. So here’s the first episode from the conferences!

Dan was lucky enough to be at Let’s Test this year and in this episode he discusses all things testing with Patrick Prill, Dan Billing and Christina Ohanian.

Look out for us, microphone in hand, at more conferences this year. If you fancy being in an episode of Testing In the Pub then just grab myself or Dan if you see us.

Testing In the Pub Episode 17 – The Right Thing vs. The Thing Right

Welcome to another episode of Testing In the Pub.

We’ve got a new episode for you this time. In it we talk about the differences between ‘The Right Thing’ and doing ‘The Thing Right’. How does this affect testing and software development in general?

Don’t forget that you can listen to Testing In the Pub through this site, iTunes, in your favourite podcast application on all platforms via our RSS feed, or even on YouTube. You can also get access to all our back catalogue too.

Hope you enjoy the new episode.