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Testing In The Pub Episode 28 – Testing The Requirements

Welcome back to another Testing In The Pub. In this episode we sat down in The Shooting Star,  home of the London Tester Gathering, to talk to Kim Knup and Rhian Lewis about, amongst other things, testing requirements and testers getting involved early in the software development process.

Dan, Rhian and Kim
Dan, Rhian and Kim

Both Kim (@punkmik) and Rhian (@rhian_is) are on Twitter and are well worth following.

Kim is a tester, conference speaker and organiser of the Brighton Tester meet-up. Rhian, as well as being a tester and being involved in the software testing community, is also a blockchain & cryptocurrency adventurer, co-developer of http://countmycrypto.com and co-founder of the London Bitcoin Women meet-up.

Hope you enjoy the episode.