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Testing In The Pub Episode 39 – Live From TestBash Philadelphia

Welcome to Testing In The Pub Episode 39 – Live From TestBash Philadelphia.

We were lucky enough to be invited over to TestBash in Philadelphia to record a live episode in front of the conference crowd. And even better, we were given an actual pub to record in!


In this episode we talk about the future of testing and community. Listen to us and special guests talk about where we think testing is heading and why.

We also talk about why we started Testing In The Pub and why starting a podcast or any other sort of community activity is extremely personally rewarding, as well as being an important part of what keeps the testing community as vibrant and useful as it is.

Have a listen and hopefully we’ll you want to do the same.


Testing In The Pub Live From TestBash 2016 – Part 2

Welcome back to another Testing In The Pub, from TestBash 2016.

At TestBash

We’ve got a great episode for you today. We’re back with the second part of our series from TestBash 2016, where we sat down with John Stevenson and Jokin Aspiazu for a chat. You can hear us talk about the test community and how to keep it engaging, their experiences of TestBash, how they got into testing, and where testers can really add value in the development lifecycle.

Plus a brief history of tapas and why you can’t get into the disco 🙂

If you want to know more about John and Jokin and their approaches to testing then they both have blogs.

Hope you enjoy the new episode.

At TestBash 2016 – Part 1

Here at Testing In The Pub we love TestBash and we were lucky enough to make it to the excellent TestBash conference in Brighton this month. It’s always a great day out (or a week away if you go for the tutorials, pre conference meet-ups, post conference meet-ups and all the general social events). There’s always a good mix of talks and being single track then there’s no difficult decisions on who to see.

While we were there we recorded a couple of podcasts and here comes the first one. In this one we sat down in a break with Chris George, Paul Coletti and Zach Borrelli to talk about TestBash, testing and to reflect on the presentations that we had seen.

Look out for part 2, an interview with John Stevenson and Jokin Aspiazu coming soon.