Reviewing the Conferences

We attended a number of software testing conferences in 2013, including TestBash, Agile Testing Days, London Tester Gathering Workshops and EuroSTAR.

In this podcast we review them, and talk more about our favourites.

9 thoughts on “Reviewing the Conferences”

  1. Nice work guys.

    Needs to be in a pub though, or we need to hear you are in a pub, was no background noise, no clinking of glasses.

    I liked how even though you had a topic, you allowed yourself to go off topic but rained it in to.

    Would be great to have some of these with debate in them, this was very much a review, but perhaps one where the attendees have differences, but don’t let it get to out of hand. Don’t want to be listening to a punch up or drinks being wasted by them being thrown around.

    Keep them coming!

    1. Thanks for the comments,

      We’ll try and get the background noise level a bit better next time 🙂 Definitely more debate coming in future episodes, plus we hope to start getting some guests in as well.

  2. It looks like the mp3 file for this podcast is missing. I can not play it from the player nor download a audio track.
    Such a shame, I was really looking forward to hear these wonderful podcasts in chronological order 😀

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