Testing In the Pub Episode 19 – WTF Are NFRs?

Hello again everyone.

We’re back and it’s summer. So welcome to an alfresco episode of Testing In the Pub, recorded on the banks of the River Thames in good old London town 🙂


In this episode we talk about NFRs. What are they? Why are they important? And what can you do as a tester to ensure that NFRs are being considered in your project?

Hope you enjoy it.

3 thoughts on “Testing In the Pub Episode 19 – WTF Are NFRs?”

  1. Useful discussion thanks TITP , NFRs are quality tests that are often overlooked or at least not specifically planned for especially with mature systems. However they can make or break a system and therefore do need to be considered, case in point is performance, if it runs like a dog people won’t use it (unless they have no choice); also browser compatibility issues on a recent project i tested i noticed that all was ok in IE but not ok in Chrome however this was purely by chance, this could have been a major eggy face incident. NFRs must be including in test planning and testing.

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