Testing In the Pub Episode 38 – Making Better Testers With Keith Klain – Part 2

Welcome back to episode 38 of Testing In the Pub – Making Better Testers with Keith Klain.

In part two of a two part episode we talk to Keith about how we can help testers and the testing community to improve and keep learning. Keith spends a lot of his time promoting and educating people about better testing practices such as Context Driven Testing and the transition to better testing, particularly in the enterprise. Have a listen as we discuss this and our experiences of older and more traditional ways of working.

Be sure to listen to part 1 as well 🙂

You’ll also be pleased to hear the Keith is on Twitter @keithklain and he has a blog: www.qualityremarks.com. Keith works at Tekmark

You can also catchup with Keith at:

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